Favorite (and slightly underrated) Sherlock moments [22/x]

the unpopped collar gets me every time


Sherlock in The Empty Hearse

Sherlock: Where’s John?

Mycroft: Terrorist network.

Sherlock: Do I look ok? I’m gonna see John.

Mycroft: Terrorist network. Very dangerous.

Sherlock: Where’s John? I’m gonna go see John.

John in His Last Vow

John: You have a girlfriend?

Sherlock: Magnussen.

John: But you have a girlfriend?

Sherlock: Magnussen. Very dangerous.

John: Yeah, but you have a girlfriend?

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i guess that’s love

i can’t pretend

i can’t pretend


David Bowie releases a new album called “Softly, Softly” with track titles including “If You Know Who I Am (Then You Know Who He Is)”, “He’s Like A Drug (I Was Hooked)”, and “I Think It Could Work” along with a newly recorded version of “John, I’m Only Dancing”

Grandson:  Doesn’t sound too bad. I’ll try and stay awake.
Grandfather:  Oh. Well thank you very much. Very nice of you. Your vote of confidence is overwhelming. All right.

The really awful progression of...


S1 Sherlock: I’m married to my work. Translation: love is terrifying and i want it to stay 1000 miles away from me. Look at all these people doing stupid things like look at this cab driver i probably outsmarted. His fate could have been avoided if it weren’t for luv. don’t fall…

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A gentle reminder

Sherlock season 2 ends with Ella telling John to say what he wanted to say to Sherlock but couldn’t and he can’t do it

Sherlock season 3 ends with Sherlock wanting to say what he’s always wanted to say to John but couldn’t and he can’t do it

I wonder if what they wanted to say is similar at all

a million pieces of me on the floor
i’m damaged goods for all to see
now who would ever wanna be with me?
I’ve got all the baggage, drink the pills
this is living but without the will
I’m backing out, I’m shutting down
you left a hole when you walked out